Thursday, May 18, 2017

Google Keep - Capture what’s on your mind

Do you have several sticky notes scattered around your desk (don't lie, I know who you are). Do you have a note pad with a random ideas, tasks, and lists? Have you tried using various Apps and "pro" methods to get better organized but find those solutions to be inconvenient or just a good fit for how you work?

Enter Google Keep! I started using Google Keep a few weeks ago and have found it to be excellent for keeping notes, task lists, thoughts and ideas to help me stay organized. Google Keep is a simple web-based application (a bit like digital sticky notes) that enables you to:
  • Capture, edit, share, and collaborate on your notes on any device, anywhere.
  • Add notes, lists, photos, and audio to Keep.
  • Organize your notes with labels and colors.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Create Fillable Text Boxes in Google Docs

If you’ve ever tried to make a worksheet or form in Google Docs, you’ve probably created lines for people to enter their information on. But all too often, this:

Name: __________________

turns to this:

Name: ______Hermione Granger______

When people fill it out, it leaves information floating between underscores. Check out the link below to learn how to create fillable text boxes in Docs so that people can neatly and easily enter in their information.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Creating a Distribution List from Google Sheets

Open Shared Parent Email File
  • Select File > Download As > Comma-separated values (csv, current sheet)
After download >
  • Open downloaded  .csv file > Enter the name of your new group in column D (Group Membership) > Columns E and F do not have a corresponding name for import so you have 2 options:
Combine both columns and import with the column heading Notes or remove columns E and F
  • Confirm column headings are Name, E-mail 1- Value, E-mail 2 - Value, Group Membership (you may remove second email column if you prefer only 1 parent email >
  • Save file

To Import Into ContactsScreen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.19.26 AM.png
  • Open your email account > Switch Mail toggle to Contacts > From the "More" dropdown select Import > Import saved csv. file
  • Contacts will appear individually and in the newly created group